Elemental shakes were first developed by NASA as an efficient way to feed astronauts. If you have a sensitive digestive system, lost your appetite, experience nausea or have difficulties swallowing… ABSORB PLUS® is a quick, easy, 100% natural way to nourish your body with top quality nutrition.


 Absorb Plus is easy & gentle on your stomach.

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Healthy Weight Management

You can use Absorb Plus to lose weight, or gain healthy weight (muscle, not fat).

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Nutritional Support

Nourish yourself daily – maximum nutrition, 100% natural.

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9 Tasty Flavours

French Vanilla, Chocolate Royale, Berry Fusion, Banana Coconut Creme, Caramel Toffee Twist, Mocha Grande, Unsweetened Vanilla, Simply Vanilla & Simply Chocolate.

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Increase Energy + Sleep

Enjoy more energy and sleep better – Absorb Plus is an alkaline food.

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High Absorption

Receive all essential nutrients, regardless of the state of your digestive system – high absorption and 100% elemental.

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  • Chapter One of the IBD Remission Diet book
  • E-book Usage Guide & detailed ingredient information
  • E-mail mini course on how you can use Absorb Plus to begin healing & improve your quality of life

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