Optimum Nutrition for the Elderly

As you age, many factors can make it difficult for you to nourish yourself properly. It may also be harder to shop for food and prepare meals. In addition, dental problems and difficulty swallowing can lead to choking, or you may have to take very small mouthfuls and chew for a long time before swallowing.

Energy needs decrease with age, so you may think you don’t need to eat as much. Yet the need for most nutrients remains relatively unchanged, resulting in an increased risk of malnutrition. Malnutrition has been associated with diminished cognitive function and a lessened ability to care for one’s self, underlining the importance of good nutrition in the elderly.

How Absorb Plus Improves Nutrition for the Elderly 

An Absorb Plus liquid diet shake takes 3 minutes to prepare, does not require chewing, and all of the 100% natural nutrients are easily and rapidly digested and absorbed – providing optimum nutrition regardless of the state of your teeth, or gastrointestinal tract.

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Absorb Plus contains the best available cold-extracted whey protein isolate, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, providing a variety of benefits to the body’s function and appearance, and easing many of the problems associated with aging and nutrition.

Adequate protein intake counters the loss of lean muscle and helps seniors to maintain their weight and stay strong and functional. Absorb Plus contains high quality, cold-extraction whey protein isolate, with 99.8% of the lactose removed, and no allergenic casein.

Absorb Plus can be used on its own – as an elemental (pre-digested) liquid diet – or to replace or supplement meals while still eating regular foods.

How Absorb Plus Helps Extreme Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Aging is associated with decreased physical activity, which, combined with changes in appetite and the ability to eat, can lead to a loss of muscle, weight loss,  and decreased functioning.

Protein is vitally important to maintain and gain weight. Aside from water, protein makes up the greatest portion of body weight. Each serving of Absorb Plus contains 27 grams of whey protein isolate. Combined with protein, amino acids can help you build muscle and gain weight. All the amino acids in Absorb Plus are natural extractions, in the same state as the amino acids in plant and animal tissue. Our whey protein isolate is cold, cross-flow membrane extracted, so it is not denatured by heat or chemicals.

Absorb Plus can be used to ingest and absorb more calories, nutrients and protein in a day than eating regular food. It’s much easier to gain weight drinking your calories rather than eating them!

Steroids, antidepressants and other medications, along with decreased physical activity can result in weight gain for other seniors. If you want to lose weight, Absorb Plus can help you control your calorie intake while still getting the needed nutrients in your diet. A serving of Absorb Plus contains around 370 calories (depending on the flavor), or 485 calories if mixed with flax seed oil.