Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease in which parts of the digestive system become inflamed and develop deep sores, or ulcers, and intestinal bleeding. The ulcers usually occur in the last part of the small intestine and the first part off the large intestine, but can occur anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract, including the mouth, stomach and anus. Common symptoms of Crohn’s disease include abdominal pain, loose bowel movements or diarrhea, and weight loss.

When your digestive tract is inflamed or ulcerated, it becomes very difficult for your body to digest food, or absorb any nutrients from your food. Your diet can become so restricted that you only tolerate five to ten foods. In extreme states, you cannot eat any normal foods at all – that’s where Absorb Plus can help.

Clinical trials involving children with active Crohn’s disease in England and Italy have demonstrated that “elemental diet therapy is as effective as steroids in inducing remission in people who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders whilst avoiding steroid side effects”(1). As a result of these clinical trials, many doctors suggest an elemental diet be used as an alternative to steroids like prednisone, which can have undesirable side effects.

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(1) Dr. Bhupinder Sandhu, DDW Annual Meeting: Abstracts 103976, 107178. May 19 & 21, 2002


“Hi! I am 16 years old and have had Crohn’s disease for about 6 years. I had tried many types of medicines to get my flares under control, but none of them seemed to work that well. My doctor told me to drink nutrient shakes orally or consume them using GI tube feedings. I tried many different types of shakes, such as Peptamen, Modulen IBD, Ensure (etc.). Those products tasted awful, made me gag and gave me a horrible aftertaste, that lasted hours. I couldn’t stand it any longer and tried GI tube feedings, but that only lasted a week or so, because that, too, was unbearable.

When I was in the hospital (to learn how to put the GI tube down my nose), the nurses gave me Modulen IBD. When I woke up from the feedings, my stomach felt really nauseous because of all the sugar and “unnatural” ingredients in the shakes.

The first time I tried Absorb Plus, I was ecstatic because it made me feel great and it tasted WONDERFUL! I’ve been on them (with no food) for 11 weeks so far and am still not tired of the taste-many times I even crave them! My other favorite part of using Absorb Plus, is that I only have to drink 1 cup, 4 times a day (I weigh 110 Ibs). With the other brands of “yucky” IBD shakes, I had to drink around 2 cups, 8 times a day!

I told other IBD sufferers about your product, and they were very timid because many of them had tried other products in the past and were dissatisfied. My advice is: Don’t have negative thoughts about tasting Absorb Plus for the first time, they really are that good! These shakes are kid and teenager approved! Thank you for making such a great product!”

L.M., Virginia, USA

“My Crohn’s Colitis strictures naturally break up and release after about 1.5 weeks on a strict Absorb Plus enteric diet. My flareup frequency is now down to once per year after about 4 years of following the protocol on every flare without fail, and they are diminishing in severity as well.

Counting my previous orders, I see 10 times out of 10 orders I have put my (previously completely disabling) version of complex fistulizing Crohns Colitis in remission using only Absorb Plus, additional oils for calories, and adding bone broth as the flare begins to subside. 7 tubs in 2 weeks does it every time now.

I have never given you a formal testimonial on this but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for this incredible product that has helped me avoid toxic biologic drugs for almost 5 years now.”

J.V., New York, USA

“Despite not liking milkshakes, I have tried Absorb plus for the first time and straightaway had success by excluding all other foods; within two days, much of my pain had subsided and I returned to a normal diet. Some of my Crohn’s pain has returned (possibly because I may have returned to a normal diet too soon – it was Christmas!) so I am now taking only Absorb plus for a more sustained period. I particularly like the Vanilla flavour and will be ordering some more.”

J.B., Yorkshire, UK

January 19, 2005:
“Our son was diagnosed in September with Crohn’s Disease. He is only 10 years old and had lost nearly 20 pounds. At the beginning of January, I found your web site and ordered all three flavours. He is somewhat asymptomatic right now and is eating well, but he really needs to gain back some weight. Using Absorb Plus as a supplement, he has gained three pounds in two weeks!! What a difference! He looks so much better and has so much energy! He is playing basketball, skiing and snowboarding. His color is great and he feels really good. Our doctor was impressed. He wants to start weaning our son off his medication. Thank you so much for your product. I hope that he will continue to gain. His next appointment is in March, so we will let you know the results!! ”

March 17, 2005:
“I just took my son back for a recheck, and he has gained another four pounds. Our Dr. took George off of his Pentasa, and he took down the info on the product. I hope that some other kids can get help, too. I will call Monday to see how his blood work went. He is still feeling and looking great. When I tuck him in at night and I rub his back I feel flesh, not bones. He’s up a total of 12 pounds.”

K.B., Michigan, USA

“Thanks for my recent order of Absorb Plus. This is my second time using the product as described in the IBD Remission Diet. I truly believe Jini’s claim that the use of Absorb Plus is as effective as Prednisone for my Crohns’ disease.

I am very anti-drug and it is great to have a natural alternative to the dangers of drug therapy (as my G.I. says “there is no magic bullet to treat Crohn’s”). The first week of the IBD remission diet is tough (the detox effect and hunger are a challenge) but it is nothing compared to dealing with the pains of Crohn’s disease – and it gets much easier after the first week or so.

I encourage you and your company to continue with the incentive program for regular users of Absorb Plus. In fact, I wish you would increase such efforts as it is very important to be cost-effective with your products. After all, most Crohn’s sufferers are in their teens and twenties and they are very limited when it comes to finances (I know several who would like to try the diet if it were more affordable). I understand that the ingredients are top-notch and are more affordable in your mixture than if one made it themselves. Still, do your best on bringing the cost down and you will be rewarded with more users.

You can use these comments (in whole or in part) but try to include the creative criticisms as this will show others how genuine you and your company are.”

T.J., Georgia, USA

“My daughter is 22 years old and has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when she was 11. Since then she had many flare ups and before learning about Absorb Plus, they were managed with a lot of medication and sometimes elemental diets that tasted awful. This last relapse, just a month ago, she decided to give it a try and go on a liquid diet exclusively on the Absorb Plus (5-6 shakes a day). It was a life saver!!!!!!! The fevers were gone and her energy went up faster and without all the side effects of so many medications. She was actually craving the shakes. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.”

A.P., New York, USA

“My 16yr old son has crohn’s. He drinks a shake every morning. We have noticed since he started using Absorb, that he has gained weight. As a result, Absorb has become an important part of his diet.”

A.G., Florida, USA

“I keep Absorb Plus in my home for my 16-year-old daughter who has Crohn’s disease. We are treating her completely naturally and this was a wonderful alternative to use for bowel rest when she is not quite feeling right. I hate the idea of giving her a supplement drink with chemicals and preservatives in it. The interesting thing is that I ended up needing it desperately and was so thankful I had 2 complimentary servings that I received from reading Jini Patel Thompson’s book.

This past January I got a very bad bronchial virus. I was having cough spasms so severely that I injured my ribs. I reluctantly decided to try a course of antibiotics because I was so miserable. Four hours after taking the antibiotics, I was on the floor sweating and cramping. I thought I was going to die. I had a total bacteria kill-off and I became toxic. It is called antibiotic induced colitis. I started having diarrhea and then I began to pour out blood from my intestines. This went on for days. I chose not to go to the emergency room because I knew exactly what had happened and I knew that I would be scoped and put on major medications that would ultimately just prolong the healing. I have lived this nightmare with my daughter.

I lost 10 pounds in one week. My body needed nutrition but my intestines were very damaged and so I did not want to use solid food. I began to use the vitamin supplements that my daughter takes in her daily regimen and I used Absorb Plus for my nutritional needs. It was so satisfying and tasted awesome. I slowly began to heal and I thank God that I can say that I am totally healed now from that nightmare. I realize that without the ability to nourish myself, I could have easily succumbed to even more serious health problems as a result of the antibiotic reaction. I love this product and I will always have some in my cupboard for my daughter when she needs it and also for other health emergencies. Thank you!”

T.H., California, USA

“I cannot say enough about Absorb Plus. I am 26 yrs old with crohn’s disease and as a last resort before going on steroids again I tried the shakes. They did take about 4 days to work because at the beginning I had nausea among other symptoms which could of been a detox process or just because I was very ill when I started to take them. By the 7th day I could not believe the amount of energy I had and in general how good I was feeling. It was the best I have felt in months!

I think these shakes are amazing and I really crave drinking them – and the chocolate flavor taste GREAT! I’m so glad I know I can use this product when things get really bad. Although I plan to keep using it as a supplement in the morning 3-5 times a week once I am back up to my normal food intake. It is truly a great product. I will be placing my next order tonight or tomorrow, as mentioned my flavor of choice is the chocolate one.”

L.M., Michigan, USA

“Following the recommendations of Jini Patel-Thompson’s book, “The IBD Remission Diet”, I decided to undertake a six-week elemental diet using Absorb Plus. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 11 years old (I’m 27 now) and had managed to control the disease fairly well on my own, with minimal medical intervention, until a couple of years ago. Then, in 2002, I developed a dermatological complication called pyoderma gangrenosum, which resulted in erupting welts on my legs that were so painful, I couldn’t even stand up.

I was put on Prednisone, and other immuno-suppressants, to control the skin lesions. I have tried several times to wean myself off Prednisone, but my body is now pretty dependant on it, and I would experience nasty flare ups, both in my gut and on my legs. I have been reluctant in the past to try elemental diets, not only because they seemed difficult to maintain, but because the quality of the products seemed very poor. Most mass-market elemental shakes contain high-fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy ingredients, and they taste awful.

I am happy to say that I have been consuming Absorb Plus exclusively for 5 weeks now, with plans to start re-introducing solid food in a week’s time. I won’t say that it’s been entirely easy, but I find Absorb Plus to be delicious (I mix half Vanilla, half Chocolate) and I am confident that I am getting good nutrition from a quality source. I continue to wean myself off Prednisone, and am looking forward to being drug free very soon. Absorb Plus has been an invaluable tool in my ongoing quest for good health.”

G.L., B.C., Canada

“I received my order of 10 jars of Absorb Plus just after Christmas. My son has been having three shakes each day since then – he has Crohn’s disease and was quite poorly having lost over 13 pounds very quickly – it had taken months to regain just about half of that. He is also eating three meals a day (as suggested in Listen to your Gut). He is still taking steroids. We don’t have scales at home so he won’t be weighed until next week when he sees his gastroenterologist, but he now has energy, is able to get up easily for school (as easily as any other 17 year old!) and has started a gentle program of weight training.

So I’m going to place another order and thought I’d let you know how pleased we are with the results so far!”

B.C., Essex, UK

“Absorb Plus works for me. I have Chron’s and when it flares up I look to Absorb Plus to replace my urge for coffee in the morning. With the Christmas holidays at hand, my stomach is acting up and I can’t get Absorb Plus fast enough. At this point, it’s a good feeling drinking it and knowing my nutrition needs are being taken care of, and it is smooth on my stomach.


M.G., Illinois, USA

“Now 45 years old, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1980. Apart from the first 30 days after diagnosis in 1980, I have remained drug-free. have never had surgery. The disease has manifested itself as a series of very small strictures (2mm in some cases) in my small intestine. These obstructions, along with mal-absorption of protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients have caused much suffering in the form of intestinal pain, gas, weightlessness, fatigue, edema and mood-swings. With some difficulty, and with patience from family, friends and employer, I have been able to lead a relatively normal life resulting in a career, marriage and young family. Knowledge of my own body and its needs along with strict adherence to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet by Elaine Gotchall for over a decade are the two most important aspects of maintaining my relatively normal life.

In addition, rest, flexible work schedule and awareness of stress play an important role. Small things like wearing clothes without a waistband and lying down on my right or left side for 10 minutes (the choice of side depends on how I feel) actually make the difference between functioning in society or withdrawing in pain and suffering. One tool (weapon) I use is to fast for a day or two when my intestine gets blocked and I can’t unblock it. This of course leads to malnutrition and weightlessness and is not a way to achieve long-term improvement however it lets me survive in the short-term.

After reading Ms. Patel-Thompson’s books and experimenting, I have experienced good success using Absorb Plus as a complete food replacement and as an alternative to fasting to give my intestine a rest while still feeding myself. The results have been good, even with some weight gain. I use twice the amount of liquid recommended in the form of 50/50 rice milk and water mixed with Absorb Plus so that I maintain a good liquid intake. I enjoy the taste of Absorb Plus and see continuing its use indefinitely.”

B.W, B.C., Canada

“I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2001 at age 23. Over the past two years, I have tried many drugs, treatments and products to manage the symptoms of the disease. In September 2003, I began a low carbohydrate, mostly organic diet, using Absorb Plus as a major supplement to that diet. With the inclusion of Absorb Plus, my symptoms have lessened considerably and I’ve been able to reduce the amount of medication I am taking considerably. Additionally, I’ve gained weight and my energy level is significantly better. Based on my experience, I would recommend the product to individuals who have not responded well to traditional medical treatments for Crohn’s disease or who would like to decrease their dependence on prescription drugs.”

B.G., Colorado, USA