Colitis is a bowel disease (an inflammation of the inner lining of the colon), resulting in pain, loose bowel movements or diarrhea, loss of bowel control, and intestinal bleeding (blood in the stool).

In the testimonials below, you will see that many people with colitis have used Absorb Plus to support their healing program; either as a semi-elemental diet, or along with their regular diet.

Typically, research shows that an exclusively elemental diet alone (where you eat nothing but Absorb Plus or any other elemental shake) will not benefit people with ulcerative colitis. However, we have heard from many customers who use Absorb Plus for the elemental diet component of The IBD Remission Diet (by Jini Patel Thompson). In this healing program, the infectious agents are cleared from the gastrointestinal tract and replaced with good bacteria, and there are also supplements to help heal the mucosal lining and intestinal wall. The whole-body detox provided by the elemental diet, and the myriad of bodily functions assisted by the targeted amino acid blend in Absorb Plus often result in a positive outcome for colitis sufferers.

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As you can see from the comments below, there are many people suffering from colitis who have used Absorb Plus to help heal their gut and get their life back!


“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago, I was 27 at the time and the specialist asked me if I had a good health plan because I was going to need it. Stunned and uninformed and refusing to go the “drug” method I began the journey of naturopaths, homeopath and trial and error. I submitted to drug therapy within 18 months, in an emergency room as I lay in the bed in tremendous pain and bleeding with no control, I felt I had no choice. Asacol was my constant companion.

I work in the film industry, 16 hour days and heavy stress load for months on end have finally taken its toll, by this last April my body couldn’t hold its self together anymore and I was bleeding non-stop, with massive cramping and pain when I ate something. With a life style change ahead of me I knew I had to do something fast, I was on 8 Asacol a day and the bleeding was getting worse, I was afraid to go back to the doctors because of the Steroid threat. Through divine intervention I was introduced to Ms. Patel Thompson’s book and Absorb Plus! My life changed from then on, drinking 3 shakes a day, with no other food I continued the diet faithfully.

Within 6 weeks I stopped bleeding, after a year of bleeding! I’m now on 2 Asacol a day and I haven’t bled since, I tell everyone about Absorb Plus, health food stores, naturopaths, homeopaths basically anyone who is interested in helping those of us with IBD. Absorb Plus saved my life! I now have the energy, wellness and the confidence which has been provided by knowing there is truly an alternative to “drug therapy” has brought me a tremendous peace of mind, Absorb Plus will be a part of my life forever, my partner and I are currently trying to start a family and Absorb Plus has given me the confidence to pursue our dream.”

Y.W., B.C., Canada

“I am writing to tell you how much your product has helped me. I was diagnosed with severe ulcerative pan-colitis about 18 months ago. I went from being a healthy vegetarian of 15 years to a skinny, malnourished person who can eat very little without experiencing severe pain and other complications. Because I am able to eat so little and therefore receive so little nutrition, I have experienced difficulty sleeping and concentrating. Additionally, I am a massage therapist, which is very physical work. I thought that I would have to give up my career because of this disease. Absorb Plus has helped me dramatically. Since I have started using your product I have gained weight, sleep better and have more energy. It has made coping with this terrible disease much easier.”

S.A., Georgia, USA

“I was diagnosed with indeterminate ulcerative colitis over 10 years ago. I have been on 5-ASA drugs (currently Asacol) for all of these years. My flare-ups have become more frequent lately. After my last colonoscopy, my GI Doc tried to talk me into taking steroids. This was not an option for me. I had read Jini’s books “Listen to Your Gut” and “The IBD Remission Diet” so, instead of steroids I decided to follow Jini’s advice and promptly began drinking Absorb Plus. I drank the shakes for 2 weeks before I started eating solid food again.

The transition from the Absorb Plus to food again was so easy. It was amazing. During the 2 weeks on Absorb Plus, I barely lost any weight (I usually start losing weight right away when I am having a flare), my energy level stayed consistent and I actually kept up my exercise program. It’s pretty easy to stay on the diet since the shakes are just so good. I spoke with my Doctor about drinking Absorb Plus instead of steroids, and he was all for it.

I still continue to have flare-ups now and then, but I am so relieved after all these years to have a very good source of nourishment to get me back on the right track. Thank you so much for sharing Absorb Plus with those that need it!

I am happy to tell you how much I enjoy Absorb Plus. I always had digestive problems and started to take Absorb Plus as a midnight snack. It did help me to feel comfortable. The best use I have is when I go to exercise, I take it about 1 to 2 hours before and have now no stomach discomfort or gas with exercise. I am happy that I found your product. I hope this explains it enough. ”

“I have been using Absorb Plus for over a year now. It is so great to have these shakes to rely on instead of drugs. I have not had to go on prednisone, because the Absorb Plus gets me back on the right track naturally. My GI Doc has finally agreed to stop pestering me about taking pred. to get me into remission as long as the Absorb Plus is doing its job. So far, so good. Thank you to all involved in supplying Absorb Plus to the public.”

D.S., Texas, USA

“I used it during my pregnancy and after the birth of my first child. I am still using it every time I feel a cold coming up or when I am having a lot of stress and feel tired. I find the shakes easy to use, offering good quality, supporting my needs exactly as I need it.

I have Colitis Ulcerosa and have never felt this energetic in many years (feeling tired was one of my main complaints). Though expensive, I have full trust in your shakes, since being developed and initiated by Jini Patel.”

M.M., Amsterdam, Netherlands

“I haven’t had any problems. My biggest problem is fear of going back to eating real food. I finally feel like a normal person again and don’t want to go back to being the blown up blueberry girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I have another week and it will be time to transition. Thanks for all the great information and a way to get back to normal.”

S.H., California, USA

“April 2005
“In the past, a flare up of my Ulcerative Colitis would almost always lead to a fairly severe amount of weight loss. Once I started using Absorb Plus, I discovered that I could maintain my weight during my flare ups by replacing several meals with the tasty shakes. The stress of deciding what to eat is diminished greatly by having the option of a healthy and easy to digest shake.”

May 2004
“I work as a field producer for a couple of television shows that air across North America meaning I have to do a fair bit of traveling. In the past, it would often be difficult to avoid a flare up when on these trips due to the difficulty of maintaining a proper diet in the field. After trying out Absorb Plus for a few weeks at home and being impressed with the increase in energy I was feeling I decided to take it on the road with me for a huge three day trade show that I was covering.

Rather than stopping for an overpriced and nutritionally questionable cafeteria meal, I packed a couple of shakes worth of Absorb Plus with my gear and stopped for one of those a couple of times during the day. I was able to keep my energy up and returned home feeling great. My plan now is to always bring Absorb Plus on the road as a meal replacement, while continuing to augment my regular diet to try to get some wait back on health.”

R.N.., B.C., Canada

“I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis and due to the nature of the disease, I was not able to do my daily activities. It used to be very tough going to the office and working effectively. I learned about Absorb Plus from Jini Patel’s book and started taking 2 Absorb Plus shakes daily. Guess what: Now I feel fresh and have gained some of the weight I lost – Thanks to Absorb Plus. It is little bit pricy but worth the results.”

H.S.., California, USA

“I have mild IBD, and I would not start my day any other way than with Absorb Plus. After sleeping all night and having to go to work early, my body needs all the nutrients in a gentle form solid food can’t provide- Absorb Plus! On my worst days I consume nothing but Absorb Plus and my body rewards me with a sense of better well-being. Also, your loyalty program works like clockwork. I didn’t even have to ask for my free tubs- Thanks!”

R.L., Pennsylvania, USA

“I’m 51 year old, and was diagnosed with IBD approximately 5 years ago. I also had a minor heart attack approximately 6 years ago. I had a stent put in my right coronary artery. Luckily, I had little to no heart damage. I have had high blood pressure for years controlled with prescription drugs. I’ve also had high cholesterol and high triglyceride numbers. No matter what I’ve done, I haven’t been able to lower these numbers. I haven’t had dairy in years due to lactose intolerance, and watch everything that I eat. All of the above at least seems to be genetic. I’ve never smoked, don’t drink coffee and have had no alcohol for years. Many in my family have had similar health problems. My father died at the age of 50, and he was a physician.

In spite of the above, I’m in excellent physical shape and certainly look quite healthy. I work out regularly and, as I said, eat right, but again I thought it must be my genes. My IBD had finally been under control as a result of using some of the suggestions in Jini’s first book that I’d purchased a year and a half ago. Those suggestions are the use of L-Glutamine, NAG and a carefully controlled diet along with the physician prescribed drug Colazal. Colazal had not worked as a sole remedy for a few years.

In August of this year, I had a terrible flare up that I could not get under control. I bled excessively and could not figure out what I’d done differently. Prednisone seemed the only answer, but I’d had some bad side effects from it in the past. My regular regime of L-Glutamine and Colazal was not working. I checked your web site and purchased Jini’s new book on different diets and decided that the predigested food diet was my last option before going back to prednisone. I purchased your chocolate Absorb pre-digested food shakes, and for the next six and a half weeks basically had four drinks, some clear broths and some organic clear juices along with NAG, L-Glutamine, vitamins and Udos oil on a daily basis. I also stopped taking my cholesterol lowering medicine, because I could not believe that this diet wouldn’t have some sort of positive effect on these numbers.

Over a six week period, I had two blood tests and found that my cholesterol numbers dropped from approximately 210 down to 139. My triglyceride numbers dropped from over 200 to 80. I also lost about 22 pounds. I was only trying for 10, as I’ve been trying to drop that ten for a year or more. The blood flow had lessened, but was still coming after six and a half weeks, but the lipid and triglyceride numbers were astounding. I’d also cut my high blood pressure medicine to the lowest dosage given of Procardia, finding this to be enough to keep my pressure under control. Again, the blood flow had lessened but not stopped, so I checked with my very open minded gastroenteologist at this point. He deduced that my internist had, in giving me amoxicillin three months before for what he thought was a bronchial infection, inadvertently messed up the bacterial flora in my colon.

This allowed some harmful bacteria to take over, giving me antibiotic caused colitis. This also aggravated my regular colitis problem. He put me on Flagyl for one week. Flagyl is an antibiotic specific for my bad intestinal bacteria. He then started me on probiotics to replace the good intestinal bacteria. This last step of probiotic introduction is also the next step in Jini’s book for healing my problem.

I currently, on a daily basis, eat two regular meals, based upon the reintroduction diet from Jini’s books, an Absorb shake for breakfast, Udos oil, NAG, L-Glutamine, vitamins, probiotics, Colazal and lots of filtered or bottled water. It is now about three and a half weeks into the probiotic program. I’ve been on Jini’s food reintroduction program for about the same amount of time. I’m not seeing any blood as of about three days ago. I’m 5’10” tall and my weight has stabilized at 172. That’s my college gymnastics competition weight. I get another blood test in about two weeks to see if my cholesterol and triglycerides have remained low.

The combination of all of the above was extremely well worth the effort. I’m convinced that had I known to take only the Flagyl, I wouldn’t be on the road to having my colitis under the control that it currently is. The unexpected cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure and weight loss results were amazing . In my estimation, this whole program was easily better and less destructive than the use of steroids to my traumatized system.

As I said, I still have a chocolate Absorb shake for breakfast. It’s my favorite flavor. I find them most satisfying and filling. I just reordered enough for the next few months. My internist was so impressed by the Absorb product and probiotic program that he has suggested this regimen to some of his other patients. I can’t thank you enough for your products, your research and your supportive books. If I may be of any help to another person with this problem in any way, please feel free to contact me. I know how frustrating this process and the problem can be. You have to be patient, but this program works!”

S.L., Colorado, USA

“I’m 38 and suffer from ulcerative colitis and celiac disease. The latter is a chronic intolerance to gluten which is found in more foods than you can imagine. The combination of these two conditions have left me weakened and undernourished with regular stomach pain, often chronic. Absorb Plus came to my attention at a difficult time recently and helped me overcome it. I was not able to tolerate solid food well so getting my nutrients in a drink was great. I was amazed how easily my stomach digested Absorb Plus and the pleasant full feeling it gave me. I’ve not had that in a supplement before. Luckily I was able to eat some solid food in conjunction so I was not fully reliant on a liquid diet.

The most pleasing aspect of combining Absorb Plus (blended with flax seed oil and a banana) and sticking to a gluten free diet is that I’ve gained 14lbs in weight – a significant achievement for someone who has been underweight most of his life (due to my undiagnosed celiac condition). My only problem: Absorb Plus is not cheap. I’ve had to economise (ie. not use it as much as I otherwise would) to make it last. At least now it’s available locally from Finlandia. That’s where I bought my most recent batch.
January 2003”

C.M., B.C., Canada

“Having recently undergone the second of two major surgeries for severe ulcerative colitis, I decided to go on a two week course of Absorb Plus (exclusively, no other food) with the goal of restoring balance to my gut, losing some weight, and generally “detoxifying” my system.

This is a terrific product. I felt great the whole time I was taking Absorb Plus. The immediate outcome was a reduction in my cravings for caffeine and other stimulants, a huge boost in energy levels, and the loss of an unwanted 12 lbs, which has stayed off. Since my surgeries, I have been prone to painful blockages.

After taking Absorb Plus, my digestion has vastly improved and I have had no blockages at all. Taking AP has led me to question whether my surgeries might even have been averted had this product been available to me earlier. I still use Absorb Plus on an occasional basis as part of regular health maintenance. The shakes are delicious, easy and particularly useful when I’m in too much of a rush to cook.”

S.S., Ontario, Canada

“After being diagnosed one and a half years ago with indeterminate ulcerative colitis, I tried the full range of conventional 5-ASA drugs (salofalk, asacol, pentasa) but experienced no improvement at all. In fact, some of the drugs worsened my condition. I also tried a number of natural therapies, including restrictive diets such as the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, a wide range of supplements, and bodywork therapies, all of which helped me somewhat, but which I felt did not go far enough toward getting the disease under control.

I decided to try the IBD Remission Diet using Absorb Plus after the onset of a sudden, nasty flare that also resulted inpainful swellings on my legs called erythema nodosum that made it difficult for me to walk. I learned about an elemental diet after having read Jini Patel Thompson’s book, Listen To Your Gut. Although initially I felt skeptical about my ability to stay on a completely liquid diet for any length of time, I decided that it seemed like a much better – and safer – option than the ones my G.I. was offering in the form of steroids and immuno-suppressive drugs.

I followed the diet for two and a half weeks then tapered off the shakes gradually over the course of another one and a half weeks. Within three days of beginning the diet my erythema nodosum began to disappear, and although one does experience some “urgency” as a result of this diet being all liquid – the nearly intolerable urgency I had been experiencing beforehand went away as well. During the course of the diet I never felt hungry, enjoyed the taste of the shakes and was full of energy.

I was able to put on and maintain needed weight and was amazed how little self-discipline it took to stay on the diet. I actually found I enjoyed the break from planning menus, shopping, cooking and cleaning up! Within the first week of returning to solid food I experienced the first solid bowel movements I had in almost a year. My digestion was quiet and painless and food was properly broken down. My energy levels stayed up and my weight has stayed on.

The IBD Remission Diet has been a dramatic, positive step forward in what I see as an ongoing healing process. Although I may experience flares again in the future, the fear factor is almost gone now that I know I have a powerful tool for managing them that will not cause horrible side effects or damage my immune system. I still consume the shakes on a regular basis, mainly for health and nutritional reasons, but also because I really enjoy them. I would highly recommend this diet for anyone with gastro-intestinal problems or anyone seeking a balanced, natural approach to long-term health.”

E.D., Ontario, Canada

“I write to say that I am very happy that I managed to find a very good dietary supplement for my mother. She was diagnosed as suffering from ulcerative colitis after loosing 39 pounds in 9 months, (she only weighed about 58kg before) not being able to eat much and had a mild diarrhea. I live in Cambridge, UK, and my mother is in Hong Kong.

Having searched the Web for information for treatment, I came across Jini Patel Thompson’s book, the IBD Remission Diet, which I bought. I was impressed in what she claimed and decided to get my mother to try the dietary method in controlling her disease. When I got to Hong Kong, her doctor already put her on steroid and an anti-inflammatory drug. In the past two months she only managed to gain back 2 kg in weight and was feeling very frustrated and worried.

I decided to let her keep on with her steroid treatment as she seems to be responding to the drug, but use Absorb Plus as a supplementary diet to get her to gain weight. Using the calories chart, which I found extremely useful, I got my mother drinking three shakes per day with the aim of having her gaining a pound every 2 days. Also, I managed to convince her that she also needs a bit more food that is rich in carbohydrates.

As a result, she gained 2 kg in 5 days since she started and her doctor is pleased with her progress and decided to reduce her steroid intake to a much less aggressive dosage. We decided to keep her on Absorb Plus until she has fully recovered the weight that she lost and then reduce the intake to function as a maintenance diet.

In addition, I am very impressed with the professionalism of the service. As I can only stay in Hong Kong for a relatively short period of time. The company managed to deliver the goods to me in time so that I can monitor the progress of my mother with the diet before I leave. I am grateful for your help.”

K.K.C., Cambridge, UK

“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis a year ago and have lost 2.5 stone in weight since then. I was 8 stone and went down to 5.5 stone at 5 ft 3″. It hurt too much to eat and what I did eat was pureed vegetables and rice that contain hardly any calories. So as you can imagine, I wasn’t putting any weight on.

I tried other protein drinks, some were awful in taste and others contained too much sugar and artificial preservatives and flavourings. Nevertheless I persevered but just did not gain any weight.

I first heard of the Absorb Plus shakes in Ms Patel’s book. Since I began consuming the shakes I put on half a stone so am up to 6 stone now. I have more energy now and my doctor as well as friends have commented that I have a lot more colour in my face. I have recently had another flair up and so am going on the elemental diet knowing that I won’t lose any weight this time.

Thank you so much, I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found this product. UC sufferers have a lot of worries, one being weight loss and malnutrition and I’m sure a lot of people would agree that it is one less worry for them. Also I am going on holiday soon and will be carrying the shakes with me….and will be annoying the stewards on the flight as I’ll need to mix my shakes in their work area!”

H.W., Middlesex, UK

“I was diagnosed with indeterminate ulcerative colitis over 10 years ago. I have been on 5-ASA drugs (currently Asacol) for all of these years. My flare-ups have become more frequent lately. After my last colonoscopy, my GI Doc tried to talk me into taking steroids. This was not an option for me.

I had read Jini’s books “Listen to Your Gut” and “The IBD Remission Diet” so, instead of steroids I decided to follow Jini’s advice and promptly began drinking Absorb Plus. I drank the shakes for 2 weeks before I started eating solid food again. The transition from the Absorb Plus to food again was so easy.

It was amazing. During the 2 weeks on Absorb Plus, I barely lost any weight (I usually start losing weight right away when I am having a flare), my energy level stayed consistent and I actually kept up my exercise program. It’s pretty easy to stay on the diet since the shakes are just so good. I spoke with my Doctor about drinking Absorb Plus instead of steroids, and he was all for it.

I still continue to have flare-ups now and then, but I am so relieved after all these years to have a very good source of nourishment to get me back on the right track. Thank you so much for sharing Absorb Plus with those that need it!”

P.M., New Jersey, USA

“I have found Absorb + has given me the extra energy I need to enjoy my sports and exercise. I was recently hospitalized after a bad bout of U Colitis and lost a stone in weight. After 1 month on Absorb + I am getting back up to my fighting weight of 12 stone. I’m also back playing competitive football and feeling strong. Absorb +, together with a sensible eating plan, has helped me get back to my old self in double quick time!”

T.H.., Middlesex, UK

“I just want to let you know that I love the Absorb Plus Shakes, and so does my husband. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year and I recently put him on the Remission Diet, since every bite of food he was eating was making him sick. I have to tell you he loves the taste of berry fusion (of course!) the chocolate I think he is very sensitive with it, but he loves the berry fusion the most. I will be ordering 6 more later this afternoon, overnight delivery, as I don’t want him to run-out, and on Friday I will place another order.”

D.G., Maryland, USA