Many people with AIDS or other immune diseases have trouble maintaining adequate nutrition. You may feel nauseous and lose your appetite, so taking in an adequate number of calories becomes very difficult. When the body becomes very ill, it can lose the ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food. So even though you are eating, you are not being properly nourished, and may still be losing weight.

Absorb Plus is an elemental (pre-digested) liquid diet shake carefully formulated to meet the unique needs of people who have problems eating, digesting or absorbing their food. It contains the highest quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and protein available, in their most easily absorbable forms.

We heard from a customer a few years ago who was in a critical state; whatever she ate, she would vomit up an hour later. By the time she found Absorb Plus she was severely malnourished. She started drinking Absorb Plus shakes and these too she would vomit up one hour after consuming – but it didn’t matter, because Absorb Plus is in the bloodstream within 20 minutes of drinking it! So she began to gain weight for the first time in months and gradually restore herself to health.

There is currently no other product on the market that matches Absorb Plus in nutritional value or the extremely high quality of our ingredients. Most elemental weight gain/maintenance products are available only in hospitals, pharmacies, or on prescription from your doctor. They are composed chiefly of fat (oil) and sugar, and most contain artificial flavors and sweeteners.

It is very difficult to drink a sufficient amount of calories from these products, as many people simply can’t tolerate the high oil content, or the taste. While there are many whey protein or food supplement products on the shelf in health stores or natural food stores, they are rarely pre-digested, and thus they are less easily absorbed. And they too usually contain artificial flavors and sweeteners.

Absorb Plus enables you to take the stress out of eating, improve your absorption of nutrients and easily and enjoyably nourish yourself and maintain your health and ideal weight.

If you like, you can add other powerful immune support substances to your daily shakes, like CoQ10, pycnogenol, grapeseed extract, astragalus, maitake, and so on. Or you can go on a completely elemental diet for 3 to 6 weeks and give yourself an intensive healing spa. Learn more about how Absorb Plus can help people suffering from any serious illness – like AIDS, Epstein-Barr, Lyme, Lupus, etc. – by getting our free report: