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A Delicious Elemental Shake!

DID YOU KNOW… Elemental shakes were first developed by NASA as an efficient way to feed astronauts in space; because they provided all their nutrient requirements yet resulted in minimal fecal matter. Since then, the medical community has utilized elemental, or enteral nutritional shakes for various conditions - like inducing remission in Crohn's or colitis.

"Exclusive nutritional therapy shows a more rapid effect than steroids in inducing clinical remission and is markedly more effective than steroids in producing healing of mucosal inflammation."
- Dr. Robert Canani, MD

Since 2002, Absorb Plus elemental nutrient shake has helped thousands of people worldwide regain their health.

Whether suffering from a digestive disease, cancer, AIDS, or the difficulties that come with surgery or old age, Absorb Plus has provided premium quality nutrients in a liquid form – that also TASTE GREAT!

It doesn't matter whether you have lost your ability to digest or absorb nutrients, or lost your appetite, or are experiencing nausea, or have difficulties chewing or swallowing, Absorb Plus is a quick, easy, 100% natural way to nourish your body with top quality nutrition.

What are the benefits?

  • Absorb Plus is easy & gentle on your stomach.
  • You can use Absorb Plus to lose weight, or gain healthy weight (muscle, not fat).
  • Get daily nutritional support - maximum nutrition, 100% natural.
  • Enjoy delicious taste – French Vanilla, Chocolate Royale, Berry Fusion & Unsweetened Vanilla.
  • Enjoy more energy and sleep better – Absorb Plus is an alkaline food.
  • Receive all the nutrients ingested regardless of the state of your digestive system – high absorption and 100% elemental*.

*Note: Absorb Plus is generally not recommended for diabetics because the uptake of nutrients to the bloodstream is so rapid. Please consult your doctor.

"Numerous studies have reported a reduction in systemic inflammation (C-reactive protein, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate) in association with the clinical response to enteral nutrition [elemental diet]. More specifically levels of serum tumor necrosis factor a (TNFa), and interleukin-6 (IL-6) decline in response to treatment. The IL-6 response was evident within just a few days of starting therapy."
- Dr. John Fell, MD

(Sources: Canani, Robert: DDW Annual Meeting: Abstracts 103976, 107178, 2002 and Fell, John: J Pediatric Gastroenterology Nutr, Vol 43 Suppl 2 November 2006 S25 and S26)

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